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Denim Laptop Bag

Product Code: DM-006
  • ₹43.00
  • Denim laptop bag is the best option for a professional look.
  • It has two compartments with synethic lenin lining inside.
  • Small leather handles add a unique look to the bag and adjustable handles made with denim is also given as extra handle . The bag has a metal zip closure.
  • Size 12 x 13.5 x 3 inches.

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  • If any spot of dirt is identified do spot cleaning with cotton cloth with mild soap to clean the dirt.
  • Use no bleach.
  • Do not Wring the bag.
  • This bag is made out of pure denim fabric.
  • It has two ways handles one to carry in your hand which are made with leather and 2nd type handle is made with adjustable denim fabric to carry it on your shoulders.
  • You can carry this bag everyday which works both for men and women.
  • It is a stylish and comfortable bag.
  • It has two compartments and one zip pocket inside the bag. You can put your laptop along with some important files/ folders inside.
  • There is also a side pocket secured with a magnetic button to carry your mobile phones and small items. Go Stylish and Go easy with this lappy bag.
  • 100% pure denim fabric is used to design the bag.
  • Leather and denim is used to design the handles for the bag.
  • Synethic lenin is used for lining inside the bag to give good shape for the bag.
  • Metallic zipper with leather hanged slider is used as closure for the bag.
  • Dog hooks are attached for handle where we can hook or unhook the handle as per our need and comfort. 

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